WeChat Official Account integrated with AEM, Integrated Marketing Solution

AEM and WeChat Official Account's Integrator

Because AEM doesn’t have the OOTB feature to manage the content in WeChat Official Account, Leadstec developed an integrator in AEM for marketer to manage all the digital content in WeChat Official Account. By leveraging AEM's strong capability of content editing, Marketer can update content in WeChat Official Account easily and quickly
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Product Features

Centralized Management of Multiple Wechat Offical Accounts

Custom Menu


Group Message

User Management

Statistical Analysis

By using the module of WeChat Official Account Management in the Integrator, marketer is easy to bind multiple Wechat Official Accounts and manage content of them in AEM centrally. This is efficient and convenient.

Centralized management of multiple accounts

Marketer can manange menu setting of WeChat official account, including creating menu, editing menu content, menu sorting, deleting menu, publishing, etc. The content and form of the menu are rich and diverse, and can be graphic messages, pictures, voices, videos, etc., and can also jump to Marketer can manage menu setting of WeChat official account, including creating menu, editing menu content, menu sorting, deleting menu, publishing, etc. The content and form of the menu are rich and diverse, and can be graphic messages, pictures, voices, videos, etc., and can also jump to web pages or WeChat mini program.

Custom menu

There are three types of automatic replies, which are keyword replies, received message replies, and followed replies. Keyword reply means that when the message sent by the user matches the keyword set, the platform will automatically reply to the information corresponding to the keyword. If the message sent by the user does not match the corresponding keyword, the general message content will be sent. Followed reply refers to the message received by the user after the first attention. The automatic reply mechanism can greatly improve the efficiency of marketing maintenance and carry out timely and effective interactive communication with users.


Marketer can create single-text-image message, multi-text-image message, text, image, voice, video and other marketing content. After editing, marketer can preview it first and send it to different users by user tag, gender or country. The group message group can also be scheduled to send out at anytime after 5 minutes within two days.


Marketer can view the personal information of all concerned users, find users by keyword search, manage user tags individually or in batches, implement user grouping, modify remark information, and add them in a blacklist.

User management

By using user analysis module, markerer can view the number of new people, unfollowed people, cumulative number of people, etc. according to week, month or custom time. You can compare and analyze based on user attributes, including gender, language, country, etc. By using graphic analysis, markerer can view the number of delivered people, the number of readers, and the number of shared people by week, month, or custom time. The query results can be exported into a table with one click, which is convenient for further data analysis.

Statistical analysis

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Product Advantages

Deep integration with AEM

Use AEM Assets to uniformly manage the material assets of WeChat Official Account, including pictures, texts, videos, audios, etc. The material can be called through the custom menu, auto-response, send-to-group and other functions of WeChat Official Account, which are versatile for multiple accounts.

Direct access to user

In WeChat Official Account, enterprises can communite with all followers or specific followers by text, pictures, voice and video. Which forms a mainstream online and offline WeChat interactive marketing mode and strengthens user stickiness.

Closed-loop Service

Help enterprises to build a complete service loop, from content construction to user management and marketing analysis. Deep mining of mobile users for enterprises and gain more users through WeChat Official Account, spreading the brand value.

Flexible authority management

With AEM's original authority management mechanism, the authority of WeChat Official Account can be set flexibly. Only managers who are authorized with the authority of this module can access and use. Hierarchical management can ensure the security of information.

Our Services

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Authorized WeChat Official Account

As a third-party platform development and service provider of WeChat, WeChat Official Account can authorize the AEM platform with one key, and synchronized the latest user data.


Our development includes send-to-group, user management, data analysis, auto-response, custom menu and other functional modules, and we will do further optimization and function upgrade

Test of authorization

After the creation and development of all functions, the test shall be conducted according to the access detection issued by the whole network to ensure the security and effectiveness of authorized management

Information encryption

In order to ensure the business security of WeChat Official Accounts, in the process of messaging, the message will be encrypted

Training services

Customize training content of WeChat Official Account for enterprises. Our lectures are available both on site or online, with a complete operation manual.


Provide consultation service for WeChat Official Account. And provide professional guidance and suggestions on menu construction, login authorization, online payment, auto-response and other issues

We will help you efficiently manage multiple WeChat Official Accounts