Adobe Target, Intelligent Personalized Engine

Adobe Target

Use AI and automated testing for product optimization

With A/B testing and multivariable testing, AI driven automation is implemented on a large scale to provide a truly personalized experience for each customer.
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Product Features

A/B testing

Multivariate Experiment

Automated promotion

Behavior orientation

Product recommendation

Multiterminal optimization

A/B test can be easily performed in two versions of marketing campaign, including images, duplicates, UI, etc., so as to find the most suitable version or combination. It can be used to test different versions of websites including mobile applications, IoT and other channels on the client and server side.

A/B testing

Provide a comprehensive view of everything and test multiple elements at the same time, including images, layouts, background colors, duplicates, and so on. It can not only find the most effective combination, but also understand which elements contribute the most to a customer's success.

Multivariate Experiment

Large-scale testing and experimentation supported by a variety of machine learning methods from Adobe Sensei to determine the best promotional approach and information for each visitor. Then provide the proper benefits to stimulate visitor to purchase.

Automated promotion

Orientate based on various behaviors (such as previous visit patterns, product interest, search, purchase, marketing campaign exposure, marketing campaign response, new visitor or return visitor or potential customer).

Behavior orientation

With powerful ai-driven algorithms and a flexible design framework, product recommendations are automatically advertised, weighted, and filtered during customer trips. All of this can be achieved through an intuitive interface without the help of IT staff.

Product recommendation

Provide solutions to test, optimize and personalize customer experience, including website optimization, mobile optimization, email optimization, Internet device optimization, server optimization, etc.

Multiterminal optimization

Product Advantages


Adobe Target enables you to combine a rule-based approach with a machine learning approach to provide personalized content that includes behavioral, contextual, and offline variables.

Satisfy large-scale optimization

In a powerful test environment with large-scale automation, you can quickly accelerate optimization to meet the customer needs and achieve your business goals in any channel.

Real-time reports

With ready-to-use reports, you can quickly see the best and worst combinations for rapid iteration and response. At the same time, you can learn how each element mixes, blends, and affects the overall customer experience so that you can focus on what really matters.

Analysis-led optimization

Test and personalize your results in Adobe Target and validate them against historical data to gain important insights through accurate analysis and share them with Target for optimization.

Our Services

Adobe certified solutions partners who provide a full range of product implementation services

Scheme Design

Fully communicate with the enterprise to understand the requirements, and use the rich implementation experience to customize the most appropriate Adobe Target solutions

Development and Operation

Develop and validate Adobe Target, run A/B tests, multivariable tests, etc., to find the best way

Data Import

The Adobe Target Implementation data is imported to create a more segmented audience in Target

Business optimization

Reorganize your audience and further integrate static or dynamic data into the Target library. Perform KPI audits and redesign testing and positioning activities

Integration of third-party data resources

Helps build integration with other third-party data resources, such as access to data through third-party resources, offline data, or other network analysis systems

Training services

Customize different levels of training content. Our lectures are available both on site or online

Adobe Target provides solutions for testing, optimizing, and personalizing the customer experience