Adobe Marketo Engage(AME), Lead management and B2B marketing

Adobe Marketo Engage

Attracting customers to participate in every step of the journey

Completely change customer experience and engagement, enabling potential buyers to interact with the platform on a large scale, from inquiries to closing transactions, to achieve an automated, personalized experience within each channel.
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Product Features

Cross-channel interaction

Predictive customer files

Lead generation and management

Marketing evaluation and attribution

Personalized messaging and content in every channel, including email, mobile devices, social media, advertising, search, websites, events and sales, to increase customer engagement.

Cross-channel interaction

With easy-to-use, predictive customer profiles, your team can build a list of targeted customers, orchestrate cross-channel personalization experiences and evaluate success, all without having to change tools, and focus more time on the entire Use a smooth, connected experience to delight customers during their journey.

Predictive customer files

Manage leads and strategic customers through automated journey processes and CRM integration to develop potential customers at all stages from inquiry to closing.

Lead generation and management

Understand, demonstrate and optimize marketing impact through comprehensive campaign performance and attribution revenue analysis. With a flexible, custom attribution model, let’s get to know every interaction in the buyer’s journey like never before.

Marketing evaluation and attribution

Product Advantages

Integrated marketing and sales team

The marketing team can help the sales team achieve more personalized, relevant, and timely customer interactions by giving the sales team access to potential customer prioritization lists related to strategic accounts, real-time insights into customer buying intent, and content and programs that more efficiently engage potential customers.


By using behavioral patterns to understand the most effective content for each buyer and the account data of anonymous visitors, using machine learning and predictive analytics, the most relevant content is automatically presented to each buyer in each channel.

Based on customer marketing

Collaborate with the sales department to leverage the ABM capabilities in Marketo to identify, engage, approach and evaluate the most strategic opportunities, capturing the most strategic opportunities by attracting key high-potential customers and evaluating marketing effectiveness.

Maintain customer engagement

By leveraging better visibility, insights, templates, and sales brochures to better coordinate marketing and sales to attract high-priority customers, each step of the customer journey engages customers.

Our Services

Adobe certified solutions partners who provide a full range of product implementation services

Project design

Communicate with the company to understand the needs and design the most practical AME solution


Integrate multi-channel business management and integrate with CRM for sales management

Operation and maintenance

AME installation deployment, hosting and platform operation and maintenance, AME implementation diagnosis

Optimization and upgrade

Guide or assist in the optimization and upgrading of the AME architecture, database and other optimization, transformation and upgrade requirements

Data monitoring

Regularly monitor the achievement of business objectives from the data level, analyze business operations data and give recommendations

Training services

According to the product content, 1 to 1 customized training content, can be lectured remotely or on the spot

Adobe Marketo Engage helps companies turn potential customers into sales.