Adobe Commerce Cloud(Magento), Modern commerce platform

Adobe Commerce Cloud (Magento)

Turn each shopping moment into an unforgettable experience

Fine-tuning every aspect of the shopping experience, from personalized content to omni-channel fulfillment, leading customer experience management in every transaction
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Product Features

Integrated B2B

Page builder


Inventory management and order management

Business intelligence assessment and optimization

Unlimited dashboard

With everything you need to manage a B2B commerce site for multiple brands, channel partners, or key customers, you can create meaningful, personalized, and differentiated B2B experiences. Set up multi-level buyers with specific roles and permissions, track quotes, view detailed order history and manage credit online to achieve a smooth buying experience, help increase loyalty and sustain business growth.

Integrated B2B

Easily locate all content elements with drag and drop, fully supporting text, images, videos, sliders, banner ads, and more. An intuitive interface and content editor that can be scheduled and previewed before content changes are released, making creating and publishing content a breeze.

Page builder

Personalize your buying experience with custom catalogs and price lists, and customize order fulfillment to accommodate fragmented and bulk shipments. With these options, all you have to do is choose the option that works best for you and your customers.


By providing customers with an “endless shelf” experience, they can reserve the products they need at any time. Flexible fulfillment options and intelligent purchasing of global inventory make it easy to determine the most cost-effective location for fulfilling orders and better meet different customer requirements. Whether the customer wants to pick up the goods in the online order, or the order delivery in the store, it can be easily achieved.

Inventory management and order management

Make full use of the real price of data, use business intelligence to evaluate and optimize your marketing activities, achieve audience segmentation and positioning, in order to help you identify the most valuable customers. Through the dashboard which can be easily customized and automatically updated all day, it can meet the changing needs of customers.

Business intelligence assessment and optimization

With an unlimited dashboard, you can customize the dashboard to suit your business needs, including the KPIs you want to monitor and the permissions controls you want to set. The dashboard will be updated automatically to provide the right people with the right insights.

Unlimited dashboard

Product Advantages


It is extremely flexible to add and expand functions across business experiences, such as implementing new payment methods, integrating with ERP or CRM, adding marketing services or business tax calculation, etc. Whatever you want to do, we can provide expansion from top companies around the world to help you create the best buying experience in the world.

Sales anytime, anywhere

Keep in touch with your customers on the journey from discovery to purchase and from one channel to the next. Provide the right content across these channels while managing all content on one platform. In this way, your company can provide a full channel experience that really lets you sell anywhere and anytime.

Support multiple business models

Using one solution can support any business model (B2C, B2B and hybrid solutions), get rid of tedious processes and systems, and adapt to the integration and expansion of each business requirement.

Listing time and total cost of ownership

The average project deployment time is six months, and 3,000 out-of-the-box extensions are provided, enabling you to accelerate innovation while reducing total ownership costs and achieving rapid return on investment.

Our Services

Adobe certified solutions partners who provide a full range of product implementation services

Project design

Communicate fully with the company to understand the needs, use rich implementation experience, customize ACC solution


Customize dashboards, custom catalogs, price lists, etc. based on business needs

Page construction

Develop products with a flexible page architect, preview and post, and modify at any time

Verification and diagnosis

Diagnostic validation Adobe Commerce implementation accuracy and completeness, recommendations for improvement and optimization

Optimize business

Use business intelligence to evaluate and optimize marketing campaigns, audience segmentation and targeting to find the most valuable customers

Training services

Customize Adobe Commerce Cloud (Magento) training for remote or on-site lectures

Adobe Commerce Cloud (Magento) enables companies to achieve explosive growth in sales.