Adobe Audience Manager, Customer Data Management

Adobe Audience Manager

Create unique customer profiles

The data management platform (DMP) for audience archives collects customer information from all channels, builds a 360-degree panoramic profile of customers, and shares it with any digital channels, with flexibility, compatibility and extensibility.
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Product Features

Centralized structured data control

Cross-device identity management

A 360-degree profile of anonymous audiences

Draw the customer's usage path

Intelligent machine learning

Integrating first-hand data from POS, CRM, Web, E-mail, and other sources enables you to deliver consistent messages across channels, helping to ensure that all teams use the same audience model and provide a consistent experience.

Centralized structured data control

You can manage identity seamlessly across devices to achieve a deeper level of personalization. Customer profiles can be linked to the device, allowing you to get a 360-degree view of your customers and the devices they use to interact with your brand.

Cross-device identity management

Combine all the first, second, and third party data into a new customer profile and create a unified audience segment that enables you to target the same customers across the web, social, search, and mobile channels.

A 360-degree profile of anonymous audiences

By using device diagrams, you can see how customers interact with brands on multiple devices. You will further expand your audience coverage, and provide customers with a consistent and valuable experience at different points of contact.

Draw the customer's usage path

The model of Audience Manager is supported by Adobe Sensei, and similar audiences are discovered based on algorithm segmentation, enabling marketers to find new high-value audiences.

Intelligent machine learning

Product Advantages

Targeted promotion

When you know the composition of the audience, you can provide targeted content, advertising and subscription promotion information based on their common characteristics, such as frequent customers or specific age groups.

Perfect integration with the Adobe Experience Cloud

Perfect integration with the Adobe Experience Cloud enables you to send high-value audience data to DMP to enrich archives and share this data for activation across all your channels.

Seamless integration with third-party solutions

Adobe Audience Manager provides reliable server-to-server integration with leading solutions, including third-party data providers and data activation partners. Through an API framework that simplifies development, you can make integration easier and more flexible.

Easily share or sell data assets

With Audience Marketplace, you can share data with partners or sell it to interested buyers. You can do all of this in a controlled environment that allows you to set assignment rules, easily following collaboration agreements, business strategies, and global privacy rights.

Our Services

Adobe certified solutions partners who provide a full range of product implementation services

Scheme design

Fully communicate with enterprises to understand requirements and design the most practical AAM solution

Build a DMP

Data sources combined in one location to build a unique audience profile data management platform (DMP)

Customize user ID

Import your users'’ ID through ID mapping and correlation

Data reporting

According to the demand, it can create custom trend report, frequency report, overlapping report, etc

Deployment, operation and maintenance

AAM installation and deployment, hosting and platform operation and maintenance, AAM upgrade, AAM diagnosis and optimization

Training services

Provide professional Adobe Audience Manager training for enterprise developers and business personnel

Adobe Audience Manager helps Audience modeling to discover more high-value customers