Adobe Advertising Cloud(AAC), Cross-channel advertising platform

Adobe Advertising Cloud

Plan advertising across all screens

The only independent advertising platform that can unify and automate all media, screens, data and creativity on a large scale, providing better advertising to the audience.
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Product Features

Advanced Marketing Management

Advanced Search Report

Cross-screen planner

Multivariate orientation

Content and data integration

Custom creative services

Advanced campaign management tools can automatically create campaigns, build new campaign structures, dynamically select and adjust ad copy, and save you a lot of work. You can quickly change and add products and price changes to existing structures.

Advanced Marketing Management

Intuitively search your workflow to visualize your customers and marketing campaigns in a tree structure. Regardless of the level of sophistication, you can quickly navigate through campaigns and understand the relevance of the various parts of your marketing campaign. With batch editing, you can quickly update quotes based on past performance.

Advanced Search Report

Plan and buy ads across screens and formats. Analyze existing TV and digital plan or data set combinations to determine optimal inventory mix and budget allocation by channel, and then accurately assess reach, frequency, and impact.

Cross-screen planner

Use multiple options, including inventory targeting, to choose the ideal combination of targeting based on the site, application, and category.Or, target based on audience segmentation, device type, manufacturer, operating system, browser, connection, or location (from country level to postal code).

Multivariate orientation

Integrate Creative Cloud asset libraries with customer data in Adobe Analytics and Adobe Audience Manager to make collaboration between design and marketing teams a reality. When you combine them, you can create creative elements that are recognized and available for marketing campaigns to create an insight-based, personalized advertising sequence.

Content and data integration

Create memorable interactive custom ads that not only sell products, but also appeal to your audience from an emotional level. With help from strategy and consulting to asset development and marketing campaigns, companies can free up time to consider global strategies.

Custom creative services

Product Advantages

Interconnect data

Analyze and segment existing data sources that are otherwise irrelevant to help you truly understand your audience, then help you take advantage of these insights to guide action and deliver unified, coordinated marketing across all media and marketing channels.

Intelligent search marketing management

Maximize your search, shopping, and redirect marketing campaigns with AI and data integration without relying on guesswork to grow. Campaigns run automatically and no longer require manual optimization, so you are free to focus on the big picture.

Unified end-to-end advertising stack

The only true omnichannel DSP that supports TV, video, display advertising, local, audio, social and search marketing campaigns in a single solution. This gives you an in-depth understanding of all channels, comprehensive planning, purchasing, management, and optimization (both advanced and private) to achieve better results and reach your audience more broadly.

Large-scale personalization

Advertising is often the first interaction between a customer and your brand, so it's important to make these impressions work. We combine art and science to enable you to extend your bidding and optimization strategy by accessing Adobe Sensei and create thought-provoking dynamic messages and ad sequences based on audience data through Advertising Cloud Creative.

Our Services

Adobe certified solutions partners who provide a full range of product implementation services

Project design

Communicate with the company to understand the needs, combine the latest industry trends, and customize the most appropriate advertising management solution

Data interconnection

Get through all data sources, segment and analyze them, generate data reports, and help with advertising marketing analysis

Integration service

Integrate Creative Cloud asset libraries with customer data in Adobe Analytics and Adobe Audience Manager

Develop and run

Develop and validate the Advertising Cloud, run automated campaign management, advanced search, custom ads, and more

Training services

Customize Adobe Advertising Cloud training for remote or on-site lectures

Regular maintenance

Review the analysis report regularly to give the most appropriate advice and optimize the maintenance platform function

Adobe Advertising Cloud maximizes the benefits of corporate advertising investment.