Adobe Campaign and WeChat Connector, Wechat marketing

Adobe Campaign and WeChat Connector

Because Adobe Campaign doesn’t have OOTB feature to send message from WeChat Official Account, Leadstec developed a WeChat connector inside Adobe Campaign Classic to enable the marketer delivering personalized messages of Wechat Official Account to the target customers from Adobe Campaign.
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Product Features

Multiple Official Accounts Management

Import WeChat User Data and Segmentation

WeChat Article Editor

Campaign Workflow

Send Messages Across Official Accounts

Marketing Data Analysis

By using one-click authorization by scanning the QR code, markerer can quickly create multiple WeChat Official Accounts in Adobe Campaign Classic. Markerer can also switch and manage multiple WeChat Official Accounts, including digital asset management, user management, data synchronization, marketing activity management, etc.

Multi-account unified management

Users of different WeChat Offical Accounts can be imported and combined with CRM user data. The user information can be viewed in detail. It supports multi-dimensional user filtering, such as filtering by on user gender, occupation, location, age, loyalty and other information.

Import WeChat user data and subdivide

It supports one-click import of WeChat text-image information. The online text-image editor provides massive material templates and various types of galleries. The function is simple and easy to use, allowing marketers to easily produce beautiful text-image and preview the editing effect at any time.

WeChat article editor

WeChat channel is added to the workflow of Adobe Campaign Classic. The marketing activities of WeChat Official account are arranged through the visual workflow editor, and personalized content is sent to different WeChat users.

Campaign workflow

The same message can be sent across accounts without creating again, saving editing time, and supporting sending WeChat group messages and template messages.

Send messages across accounts

Synchronously obtain data reports of WeChat Official Accounts, and use the graphical interface in Adobe Campaign to conduct multi-dimensional analysis of marketing interaction.

Marketing data analysis

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Product Advantages

WeChat personalized marketing

Based on rich data points and strong customer segmentation, marketers can provide a personalized experience and a unique journey for WeChat users.

Customize the user model

Tailor-made user models based on the company's business development direction, multi-dimensional positioning of users, as the basis for accurate marketing.

Seamless integration of user data

Customer data from different systems, devices, and channels can be aggregated into Adobe Campaign to create a unified customer profile.

Visual marketing management

Use the visual workflow canvas to orchestrate WeChat Official Account campaigns, track interaction metrics and measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns throughout the user journey.

Our Services

Adobe certified solutions partners who provide a full range of product implementation services

Authorized WeChat Official Account

Authorize one-click WeChat Official Account to the Adobe Campaign platform, providing multiple account management features and permissions

Data synchronization

Synchronize WeChat Official Account user information, material files, article information and other data, support manual update data or timing synchronization data

Development integration

According to the actual business needs of customers, WeChat user data can be merged with the original CRM user data, and custom filter items can be developed

Verification and diagnosis

Diagnostics Verify that the Adobe Campaign workflow is working properly and is properly connected to the WeChat Official Account

Custom analysis report

Customized multi-dimensional graphical analysis interface based on customer needs, combined with rich experience to provide favorable advice to customers

Training services

Provide professional training and guidance services for enterprise developers and marketing managers, on-site or online training

Adobe Campaign and WeChat Official Account to strengthen marketing conversion rate