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We help businesses transform by integrating creativity and technology to create meaningful customer experiences.
Our vision is to bring the world's most advanced digital experience solutions to global enterprises through the introduction of our products and subsequent implementation services.
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Our Adobe Capabilities

We are experienced on Adobe Experience Cloud Solution, able to provide the professional consultant service in the below products


Adobe Experience Manager

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is the leading solution for digital experience management, combining your Sites, Assets, Forms and Screens. Helps you simplify the process of WEB creating, managing, and delivering, enabling you to quickly bring content to market and build an excellent personalized content experience for customers on any screen.


Adobe Analytics

Adobe Analytics (AA) is an industry-leading digital Analytics solution that collects and analyzes customer data in real time, providing a 360-degree view of customers, interpreting customer preferences and marketing transformation data. It has powerful attribution function, in-depth understanding of each conversion and takes the corresponding investment strategy.


Adobe Campaign

Adobe Campaign (AC) is a cross-channel marketing campaign management solution that helps you create, manage, and deliver all online and offline marketing activities. According to different characteristics of customers, such as interest, loyalty, location, etc., it can customize different marketing processes and content, enhance the connection with customers, and ultimately achieve the growth of marketing revenue.


Adobe Target

Adobe Target (AT) is an intelligent personalization engine that takes A/B testing and multivariable testing to achieve AI automation on a large scale. Based on data results, it can automatically locates specific content, layout, UX and other optimization methods, so as to provide each customer with a truly personalized experience.


Adobe Audience Manager

Adobe Audience Manager (AAM) is a data management platform (DMP) for audience files. It collects customer information on all channels, builds 360-degree panoramic archives of customers, and shares them with any digital channels. When launching marketing activities, you can locate the precise and subdivided customer groups on any platform to make your marketing activities more effective.


Adobe Advertising Cloud

Adobe Advertising Cloud (AAC) is the only independent advertising platform that can unify and automate all media, screens, data and creativity on a large scale. Connecting customer data to media and brands allows you to provide a seamless experience in every channel, attracting customers and increasing conversion rates.


Adobe Marketo Engage

Adobe Marketo Engage (AME) is an opportunity management and B2B marketing management platform that ranges from lead management to account-based marketing. The Marketo Engagement Platform simplifies the way you plan, organize, and evaluate interactions with customers and prospects at each stage of the experience.


Adobe Commerce Cloud (Magento)

Adobe Commerce Cloud (Magento) is the most modern business platform designed for today's experience. The platform is based on an open source ecosystem and extends from B2C to B2B, including e-commerce, order management and predictive intelligence, the platform can create any buying experience, providing your customers with unparalleled agility and flexibility.

Our Magnolia Capabilities

Our Magnolia Capabilities
As one of the first Magnolia CMS partners, Leadstec has facilitated the construction of multiple portals and intranets, helping our clients develop omni-channel strategies and supporting improved user experience.
As Certified Magnolia Solution Partner, we have the most up-to-date knowledge and experience available. Leadstec provides you with complete and professional support, from implementation to maintenance and hosting.

Our Works

GOHK Summer and Winter AEM Sites

OnePlus Official AEM Sites

Dah Sing Bank AEM Forms

Macy's E-commerce AEM Assets

GOHK Summer and Winter AEM Sites
OnePlus Official AEM Sites
OnePlus Official AEM Forms
Macy's China AEM Assets

Our Services

Creative Design

A good design creates a perfect user experience. Our combination of technical expertise, online marketing knowledge and advanced design concepts will ensure that UX/UI design fits your digital strategy to quickly elevate your brand image.

Product Agent

We are an official partner of Adobe, Magnolia and HCL. We provide digital marketing solutions, including web creation, data analysis, marketing management, asset management, optimization engine and so on, for enterprises in different industries.

Product Training

We will arrange a detailed time plan according to the project objectives, work content and personnel situation, and monitor the existing risk points at any time to ensure that the project can be delivered on time and with high quality.

Content Creation

Leadstec has a team of experienced storytelling experts. We know how to reach your target audience in the correct way. We do this using fitting, relevant content that is communicated at the right time.

Program Implementation

Our product training instructors have rich product and training experience, and can provide customized personal training and in-company training, support on-site or online training.

Maintenance Support

We provide operation and maintenance support services such as content input and migration, product upgrade, review, optimization, server maintenance by on-site and off-site.

TVP Application Service

Technology Voucher Programme (TVP) was launched by the Hong Kong government on a pilot basis to subsidise local small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in using technological services and solutions to improve productivity, or upgrade or transform their business processes.

We can design a complete set of system technical solutions for enterprises, and complete system research and development. Our team has extensive experience in applying for TVP and has helped many companies successfully apply for government funding.

Why Leadstec?

Leadstec is a professional digital experience solution service provider, with rich experience in product implementation, can provide you with the most professional services.

Passionately Creative and Innovation

We take immense care regarding how the creative solution ties with all other factors. We utilise a multidisciplinary approach to ensure that the proposed design not only looks appealing, but also the user experience is user-friendly, and website is sustainable for future usage.

100% Project Success and Customer Satisfaction

We have implemented more than 40 projects. All the projects are successful and most of our customers satisfied our service and created long-term relationship with us.

Professional Service Team

We are a "Specialized Adobe Experience Manager" company with 17 Adobe Certified AEM Experts and AA Experts with over 7 years of experience.


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