Leadstec collaborated with STMicroelectronics to use the Diskuz tool to re-establish the ST China Forum website

Production Instruction

The ST China Forum was created in 2008, and after years of evolution, some functions overlap with the official website of ST China, the structure and layout are somewhat outdated, and it is in desperate need of upgrades to provide a more seamless user experience. Leadstec assisted STMicroelectronics in successfully rebuilding the ST China Forum, addressing the internal team’s needs for knowledge sharing, press releases, and event promotion. The new version of the forum is intended to promote ongoing dialogue, collaboration, and sharing. Following the release of the new version of the forum, users will be able to ask technical questions and receive professional assistance at any time, share best practices and experiences, and obtain the most up-to-date information in a timely manner.


 Key Results

 1. New UX/UI design in line with ST style to provide a smoother user experience
 2. SSO integration, so that the forum and the official website can unify users, unified   permissions, unified authentication
 3. Complete the migration of 30,000 pieces of data from the old forum
 4. Use Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics for website tracking and analysis
 5. Nurture positive relationships with ST target audiences
 6. Solidify ST China’s brand as a thought leader and an ally in client success

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